Our Favorite Business Books

1 week ago

Derek and Galel discuss the most influential books in their careers as entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the book that every affiliate marketer should read multiple times, and the skillset you MUST develop if you want to be successful.

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ASW 21 Recap: Industry Changes for Good

3 weeks ago

Derek and Galel met in person for the first time ages to record a recap on Affiliate Summit West held November 2-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Learn about what topics were being discussed, as well as many of the changes that they’ve observed.

The affiliate marketing industry has definitely shifted. How do those affect you?

Hear this and much more on this episode of The Affiliate Report Podcast!

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Offer or Traffic: Which is More Important?

1 month ago

Is it more important for an affiliate to choose the right offer or for them to choose the right traffic source?

Derek and Galel tackle this question in this episode of The Affiliate Report Podcast.

Learn what makes affiliate traffic convert better, what you can do to improve your EPCs, and how to turn social media traffic into commissions!

Tool of the Week: Macbook Pro

News of the Week: I Lost 90% of My Organic Search Traffic – What Happened?

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How Affiliates Should Use Their Time

1 month ago

When getting your affiliate marketing business started, there are certain activities that affiliates should work on. As they build momentum, those activities should shift.

Then, when an affiliate is generating thousands of dollars per month (or more), those activities should shift some more.

In this epsiode, Derek and Galel discuss the essential activities that affiliates should be working on in order to use their time most effectively.

Tool of the Week: Overdub feature inside Descript

News of the Week: Supply chain issues threaten ad spending comeback this holiday season

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Maximize Affiliate Conferences

2 months ago

As the affiliate world begins to prepare for more in-person conferences, it’s time for affiliates to evaluate how to best take advantage of these events.

There’s a ton of networking opportunities available that affiliates should be taking advantage of, but what should you do to prepare?

In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss how to maximize your time spent at affiliate conferences.

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Prepping for the End of the Year

2 months ago

What should affiliates be doing right NOW to prep for the end of the year? There are a number of verticals that perform exceptionally well towards the end of the calendar year.

Right now is the time for affiliates to plan, prepare, and execute to reach all of their financial goals.

Listen in closely as Derek and Galel discuss their processes for setting goals and making this a profitable time of year!

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Improve Your Headlines by 87% in 30 Minutes

3 months ago

One of the most common errors we see while working with affiliates are headlines that are downright awful. In fact, if you have a bad headline, a consumer is likely to just skip over your entire sales page.

Derek and Galel discuss a formula for writing headlines that’ll help you receive massive results faster!

Tools Discussed: Synthesys

News of the Week: Can Changing Titles Cause a Ranking Drop?

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The Best Niche in Affiliate Marketing

3 months ago

What’s the best niche in affiliate marketing to make massive amounts of money?

In this episode, Derek and Galel will answer the question!

They also discuss the psychology about buying, what makes a good niche and how to find a niche that will work.

You don’t want to miss this episode packed with information that’ll make you a better affiliate marketer, copywriter, or brand owner. 

Tools Discussed: Ideabot.ai

News of the Week: How to Create High-Quality Content

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How to Develop a Content Strategy That Works

4 months ago

Most affiliates miss the opportunity to generate good-converting traffic because they have a faulty content strategy.

Content matters. Whether you’re running organic or paid traffic, a good content strategy can be the difference between making nothing and generating thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions.

In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss how to develop a content strategy that works. After listening to their suggestions, you’ll not only be better prepared to capture more traffic, you may actually generate greater conversions with your content.

Tools Discussed: Ideabot.ai & AnswerThePublic.com

News of the Week: Google Link Spam Algorithm Update Rolling Out on July 26

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The Affiliate Dream of Passive Income

5 months ago

Why did you get into affiliate marketing? Is it because you wanted to generate income to replace a full-time career, or because you’d like to retire off of a passive income steam?

In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss the affiliate marketing dream of passive income and share their raw, uncensored thoughts on what that reality looks like.

They also discuss the latest news on Google’s July algorithm update and share a new tool to help affiliates generate more sales.

Tool of the Week: SalesMSG.com

News of the Week: Google July 2021 Update is Over – What Happened?

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