The Best Niche in Affiliate Marketing

5 months ago

What’s the best niche in affiliate marketing to make massive amounts of money?

In this episode, Derek and Galel will answer the question!

They also discuss the psychology about buying, what makes a good niche and how to find a niche that will work.

You don’t want to miss this episode packed with information that’ll make you a better affiliate marketer, copywriter, or brand owner. 

Tools Discussed: Ideabot.ai

News of the Week: How to Create High-Quality Content

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How to Develop a Content Strategy That Works

6 months ago

Most affiliates miss the opportunity to generate good-converting traffic because they have a faulty content strategy.

Content matters. Whether you’re running organic or paid traffic, a good content strategy can be the difference between making nothing and generating thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions.

In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss how to develop a content strategy that works. After listening to their suggestions, you’ll not only be better prepared to capture more traffic, you may actually generate greater conversions with your content.

Tools Discussed: Ideabot.ai & AnswerThePublic.com

News of the Week: Google Link Spam Algorithm Update Rolling Out on July 26

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The Affiliate Dream of Passive Income

6 months ago

Why did you get into affiliate marketing? Is it because you wanted to generate income to replace a full-time career, or because you’d like to retire off of a passive income steam?

In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss the affiliate marketing dream of passive income and share their raw, uncensored thoughts on what that reality looks like.

They also discuss the latest news on Google’s July algorithm update and share a new tool to help affiliates generate more sales.

Tool of the Week: SalesMSG.com

News of the Week: Google July 2021 Update is Over – What Happened?

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Free Traffic Sources for Affiliates

7 months ago

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear from affiliates is, “what great traffic sources can I access for free?”

In this episode, Derek and Galel break down “free” traffic sources and the reality that affiliates need to keep in mind as they build an affiliate marketing business.

This episode is one you must listen to if you’re trying to get more eyes onto the affiliate offers you’re promoting! 

Tool of the Week: InkForAll.com

News of the Week: Google July 2021 Core Update Begins Rolling Out

Additional Resources Mentioned: Glenn Gabe on Twitter

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Selling on Webinars & Live Streams

7 months ago

One of the best ways to connect with an audience of prospective buyers is via webinar or live stream.

Hear from Derek and Galel to see how they are using webinars and live streams as an effective tool to make more money and increase leads!

Whether you’re doing Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, speaking directly with your audience is going to help build trust in a manner that’s more convincing than with text alone.

Tool of the Week: StreamYard

News of the Week: The Top 10 Social Media Sites & Platforms 2021

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Hot Niches for Q3 of 2021

7 months ago

The third quarter of 2021 is rapidly approaching.

As different parts of the world open up, huge opportunities exist for affiliates.

There are at least five major niches that Derek & Galel discuss that affiliates can take advantage of in Q3.

Affiliates can use this information to generate some serious income the remainder of 2021!

Tool of the Week: Whoop Band

News of the Week: Google’s Mueller on Ranking Impact of Poor HTML, Spelling and Grammar

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Your Hourly Rate of Pay

7 months ago

How productive are you on a daily basis?

A mistake a lot of online entrepreneurs make is that they spend time doing things that are low-to-no value for their business.

In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss how to overcome the mistake of “majoring in minor things” and how to maximize your productivity to reach your ideal rate of pay.

They also discuss the latest Google Core update, and have a new tool of the week that is sure to boost your productivity! 

Tool of the Week: iScanner App

News of the Week: Google’s June 2021 core update was slow to roll out; here is what the data providers saw

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How to Build a Following Online

8 months ago

Digital marketers know that one of the keys to generating big income online is to get a lot of eyes on your offers. One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating an audience of fans.

However, if you want to build a following online, there’s ONE key thing you need to work on.

In this week’s episode of The Affiliate Report Podcast, Derek & Galel discuss this single item that can help you create wild, passionate fans! 

Tool of the Week


News of the Week

Affiliate Summit West is BACK!

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Why Affiliates Fail to Succeed

8 months ago

In this week’s episode of The Affiliate Report Podcast, Derek and Galel discuss some of the reasons why affiliates fail to succeed.

If you’ve been struggling with your business or can’t seem to get things rolling, you’ll want to hear if you’re getting caught up in some of the traps that Derek and Galel identified.

Learn the things you should be talking to your affiliate managers about, selecting the right offers, and much more on this week’s episode of The Affiliate Report Podcast!

Tool of the Week


News of the Week

Podcast ad revenue to exceed $2B by 2023, IAB forecasts

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Creating Consistency in Affiliate Income

9 months ago

Affiliate marketing can be feast or famine, but it doesn’t have to be. Derek and Galel go over several key things that affiliates need to keep in mind when they are choosing the right offers, strategizing their businesses, and formulating their future plans. 

In this episode of The Affiliate Report, learn the specific things that you can implement today in order to build more stability into your affiliate marketing business.

Tool of the Week

News of the Week
Google’s ad sales surge 32% amid renewed strength in digital media

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