Handling a Google Algo Update

If you’ve done SEO, you know the feeling. You wake up, check your stats and refresh… Traffic has dropped dramatically. Something must be wrong with your website, right? Nope, Google decided to roll out an update to their search algorithm, totally screwing up search results for the next couple of weeks. In this episode, Derek and Galel will discuss what you should do if you’ve been affected by a Google update, as well as some tips for mitigating future updates.

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About Galel Fajardo

Galel has been in the Internet marketing industry for over 10 years. He has spent the majority of his time working as a consultant, helping companies in a number of different industries expand their online presence via SEO.

He works closely with our affiliates to help them maximize their revenue with SellHealth’s product offerings. As a digital marketing consultant, he’s helped companies of all types to increase traffic and conversions – so don’t hesitate to reach out to him with any of your questions on conversion optimization! When not working, Galel spends time teaching, writing, and watching Angels baseball with his wife and two kids.